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HMO Compact Series
70 to 200 MHz
2/4 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
HMO3000 Series
300/400/500 MHz
2/4 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
R&S RTM2000
Spectrum Analysis and EMC Measurement
Power Supplies
Programmable Measuring Instruments Series 8100
HMC Compact Series
Modular System Series 8000
Voucher and Options


HMO3000 Series

300/400/500 MHz 2/4 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

4 GSa /s real time, low noise flash A /D converter
8 MPts memory, oom up to 200,000:1
MSO functionality included as standard (HO3508/HO3516) logic probe with 8/16 logic channels required)
Automatically or manually adjustable memory depth
Vertical sensitivity up to 1 mV/div.
Trigger modes: slope (A/B), pulse width, video, logic, serial buses (optional), hold-off
Serial bus trigger and hardware accelerated decode incl. list view. Options: I2C + SPI + UART/RS-232 (HOO10/HOO11), CAN + LIN (HOO12)
28 auto-measurement parameters plus statistics, formula editor, ratio cursor
6-digit hardware counter
FFT with up to 64 kPts (dBm, dBV, Vrms)
Pass/fail test based on masks
Automatic search for user-defined events
Display: 12 div. x-axis, 20 div. y-axis (VirtualScreen)
Ethernet/USB dual-interface for remote control

The HMO3000 series consists of the following models:

All models in the HMO3000 series with 300 MHz or 400 MHz can be extended via software upgrades to 500 MHz bandwidth whenever required:


For 300 MHz models with options HOO352 (2 channels) and HOO354 (4 channels).
For 400 MHz models with options HOO452 (2 channels) and HOO454 (4 channels).


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